Heart is Home

Remote Installation-Performance
Variable Dimensions

View of the group exhibition Transpositions II
Museum of Non-conformist Art, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Curator: Anastasia Patsey

© Agathe Simon
Photographed by: Asya Nurullina


your heart is beating
you are feeling its beats
you are drawing its beats
on the museum walls

Heart is Home is a participatory installation, that comes to life through direct engagement of museum visitors. Agathe Simon coordinates the production of the artwork remotely by sending instructions to the audience from Paris and observing the process through photo and video documentation.

Inspired by the works of Baldessari and LeWitt, Simon created Heart is Home, her third series of her Uncontrolled Drawings further to Ecstasies (Cité Internationale des Arts, 2015) and Traces of the Invisible (Atka Art Residency in the Arctic, 2016).

Artforum Article
Exhibition Catalogue

Agathe Simon is a Paris-based artist, born in 1977. After a decade of art projects throughout the world, she starts a partenrship with the art company The Group in Paris in 2017. She is also conducting artistic creation workshops at the Sorbonne University.

Agathe Simon is currently preparing projects in partnership with ‘Les Voûtes’ (a Parisian alternative art venue), the “C.N.R.S.” (the largest governmental research organisation in France), the Paris Cergy National Graduate School of Arts, the University of Cergy-Pontoise, and the Museum of Non-conformist Art (Saint Petersburg, Russia). These projects will include performances, films, and exhibitions.