The Conti Archives

Variable Dimensions

© Agathe Simon

The installation The Conti Archives is one of the works of the Antarctica exhibition. It pays tribute to Gabriela Conti (1974-2010), the famous French-Argentine writer – who never existed. It looks like a Curiosity Cabinet. It features four videos, two sound installations and 120 objects and documents from the late nineteenth century to today.

Photographs, letters and telegrams from the 1930s, Argentinian identity documents, a polar suit, manuscripts, books and notebooks, records, archive film: the installation displays chronologically authentic documents of great aesthetic significance, with labels that specify their inclusion in the imaginary (and very documented) biography of Gabriela Conti.

Each object of the collection has been carefully chosen by Agathe Simon thanks to specialists’ expertise (antique dealers, historians, writers, French and Argentine journalists, scientists, Antarctic winterovers, etc.), in order to be historically and socially coherent with the life of this imaginary woman.

Excerpt of the documentary Antarctica, Looking for Gabriela
Directed by Cecilia Conti, the sister of Gabriela Conti,
it includes archives of the Conti family.

Agathe Simon is a Paris-based artist, born in 1977. After a decade of art projects throughout the world, she starts a partenrship with the art company The Group in Paris in 2017. She is also conducting artistic creation workshops at the Sorbonne University.

Agathe Simon is currently preparing projects in partnership with ‘Les Voûtes’ (a Parisian alternative art venue), the “C.N.R.S.” (the largest governmental research organisation in France), the Paris Cergy National Graduate School of Arts, the University of Cergy-Pontoise, and the Museum of Non-conformist Art (Saint Petersburg, Russia). These projects will include performances, films, and exhibitions.