News | January 2022

Further to a first professional workshop at the Fémis (the French state film school under the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture), Agathe Simon has just been selected for the ‘Documentary Workshop 2022’. Her participative film For The Beauty Seen… was recently screened at the Sorbonne as part of the ‘Les Festives’ festival of the Sorbonne University (Science & Culture Festival of the European Academic Alliance 4EU+).

She is currently shooting The Traveler and is pursuing the post-production of The Travelers – two films from her shamanic cycle, which she is creating in partnership with the art company The Group. She has also started the post-production of her film A Single Note, a Bombyx commission for the collective exhibition Antidote Fiction programmed by Opderschmelz in the framework of Esch 2022, European Capital of Culture.

In addition, she is developing her film creation workshops at Sorbonne University, as well as her professional audiovisual workshop, where she receives personalities from the world of audiovisual and cinema.