Variable Dimensions

First Exhibitions in 2018

© Agathe Simon

The exhibition Arctica, the second part of The Polar Project, continues its tribute to the novelist Gabriela Conti. In spring 2016, Agathe Simon spent several weeks in the Arctic aboard the sailing vessel Atka. Arctica follows the artist in her quest for the Invisible. It has been inspired by an Arctic legend mentioned in Gabriela Conti’s posthumous novel, Vivre (Life). The works expose Simon’s assumptions about the Invisible:

  • A 10mn video installation (3 screens + 5.1 sound system) that depicts the creative process: immersion of photographic films, underwater recordings, charcoal drawings.
  • An installation of silver photographs.
  • A sound installation composed with underwater recordings and a sound diary.
  • Black & white screen prints that follow the enlarged details of charcoal drawings: on the deck of the sailboat Atka, Agathe Simon captured the movements of the Arctic Ocean in charcoal.
  • An installation created in collaboration with a blind person. Since her return from the Arctic, Agathe Simon has been following the Greenlandic tradition that the blind are often shamans. In pursuit of this tradition, she collaborated with a Parisian blind person to interpret the diverse elements she brought back from the Arctic, including recordings, objects, and dreams.