Day 3 | The Ideal Life
(Paris, 09.12.2017)

Collective Experience | The Group

La Générale, streets of Paris

© Agathe Simon
Photographs: Noémie Bourdin Habert, Sébastien Lemaire

« Day 3 » is a collective experience performed by The Group at “La Générale” (a wellknown artistic alternative venue) and in the streets of Paris:

  1. Calling close relations or unknown persons, asking them what, in their opinion, the ideal life would be like.

  2. Using their answers as slogans for a metaphysical demonstration in the streets of Paris: “Being 20 years old again’, “Expanding the mystery”, “Being God”, “Having one or more cats”, etc.

  3. Attempting to move closer to an ideal life by connecting with one another in silence.