Video excerpts are in French. But Simon’s lecture-performance is also given in English.
Please see here for detailed information.

Lecture on The Polar Project


University of Aix-Marseille, France
Faculty of Arts

© Agathe Simon
Sound & Image: David Béchu

This 2-hour performance consists of a presentation of The Polar Project and focuses on:

  • The art residencies of Agathe Simon in Antarctica (2014) and the Arctic (2016).
  • The double exhibition Antarctica and Arctica, as well as its creative process.
  • The life and work of Gabriela Conti, a writer and explorer who died in the South Pole.

Lecture-Performance | Excerpt 1

A Residency in the Arctic: 00’00
An Artwork of the Arctica Exhibition: 00’42

Lecture-Performance | Excerpt 2

A Residency in Antarctica: 00’00
A Tribute to Gabriela Conti: 01’16