The Travel of Félix

HD | stereo | 11’30 | 2023

With Félix Leprince

Sound: Alain Joubert
Production: Anne Rannou & Étienne Roussel |The Group production house

© Agathe Simon

To be viewed in a dark room with a good sound system or headphones
To watch the entire film, please reach us for credential

The Travel of Félix follows the day of a visually impaired man who has just had a vision and hopes to regain his sight. It is the story of his fragile hope. This video is a dive into his subjectivity, which is documented (interviews) and amplified (shamanic journeys) during the preparation of the project. This video is part of the Shamanic Cycle.

The Shamanic Cycle is a multimedia cycle created by Agathe Simon since 2015. It includes videos, sound pieces and performances. It is based on the same stake, the exploration of the unknown, and the same protocol, the recourse to shamanic journeys. Agathe Simon created this cycle in the light of encounters with shamans from different traditions: Mongolian, Pygmy, Korean, Quechua and Lakota.