“Compelling Work.”
Artforum International Magazine | New York City

One of the “Top 5 Things To See at Nocturne: Art at Night
CBC News | Canada

“A fascinating exhibition, a phenomenal work.”
Lara Szabo Greisman, French Institute of Stockholm | Sweden

“Agathe Simon is a creator in the fullest sense of the term. Her exhibition Antarctica is a very accomplished artistic work.”
Jean-Jacques Beucler, Head of the Algiers French Institute | Algeria

“Agathe Simon demonstrates excellent skills in artistic research. She has a broad focus of interest and knowledge in diverse fields that, together with a strong feeling of the contemporary context worldwide, allow her to raise very relevant problematics and work with them on a highly professional level.”
Anastasia Patsey, Head of the Museum of Nonconformist Art | Russia

“The overall work left a heavy impression.”
Akimbo | Canada

“A rich fictional world will stun with its detail.”
The Coast | Canada

“An extravagant, magnificent and daring art project.”
L’Expression | Algeria

“An outstanding work.”
Охтинский пресс-центр | Russia

Agathe Simon is a Paris-based artist, born in 1977. After a decade of art projects throughout the world, she founded the international art company The Group in Paris in 2017. She is currently conducting artistic creation workshops at the University Paris-Sorbonne.

Agathe Simon creates experiences which question the boundaries of the lived experience and the senses, by radically reinventing the connection with the self, the others, and the unknown. Her practice includes performance, film, and art installation.