Agathe Simon is a French artist, born in 1977. She lives and works in Paris. A Ph.D. recipient from the Sorbonne University, she is frequently invited abroad for exhibitions and creative residencies. She has taught for several years in Parisian universities.


The latest art project by Agathe Simon has just been featured in Artforum International Magazine, in an article dedicated to the Transpositions II exhibition at the Museum of Non-conformist Art in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In July 2017, Agathe Simon will be invited to the Art Center “Pushkinskaya-10” for a creative residency. Her new art project will then be exhibited in Saint Petersburg. It will include a collaboration with performers from Siberia and Kamchatka.

Further to the Antarctica exhibition held in France, Canada, Algeria and Morocco, Agathe Simon will soon present the whole Polar Project in Europe. The Polar Project is a double exhibition (Antarctica and Arctica), created in Antarctica and the Arctic during residencies upon the invitation of the Argentine Government and the Atka Expedition.