A Single Note

HD | stereo | 12’05 | 2022

With Lisa Benassutti, Marina Eutropi, Jacques Reuters et the ‘Harmonie Municipale de Dudelange’

Production: Anne Rannou & Étienne Roussel | The Group  production house

Special Thanks: Eric Ewald & Sonja Benassutti

© Agathe Simon

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The A Single Note video by Agathe Simon is a Bombyx commission for the collective exhibition Antidote Fiction programmed by Opderschmelz in the framework of Esch 2022, European Capital of Culture.

A Single Note pays tribute to the Dudelange municipal harmony (Luxembourg), through the celebration of the first two women who were welcomed there in 1953. For this purpose, a musical parade is organized in their honor in October 2021. On this occasion, the musicians try to reconstitute the identity of these two women of whom only a few rare photographs remain.

This participative approach questions the identity of Dudelange, Luxembourg (its human, urban and industrial landscape) and the view that its municipal band has on its own history, in order to better dream the future of this region – as a symbol of Europe.