Arctic Music

Sound Installation in 5.1
12 min

© Agathe Simon

Premiere of “Arctic Music” at the Tonband Festival in Stockholm, Sweden.
September the 8th, 2017, 8.30PM.

The sound installation Arctic Music was created from sounds recorded in the Arctic in May 2016, with several microphones: 2 hydrophones, a 4-channel microphone, a dictation recorder and a super-cardiod microphone. It comprises four movements:

  1. Inner Arctic (polyphony based on a sound diary recorded in the Arctic).
  2. Arctic Fragments (collection of silences recorded in the Arctic).
  3. For the Record (memories of non-recorded Arctic sounds).
  4. Dreamed Poles (metamorphosis of a soundscape: floating ice recorded underwater in the Arctic and above the water surface in Antarctica).

Special Thanks: Visby International Centre for Composers, Sweden