Crime & Crime

Multimedia & mixed techniques installation | Variable dimensions | 2015
(Photographs, text, wallpaper, light bulb, chair, shirt, 2 videos, sound installation)

View of the group show Transpositions
Museum of Non-Conformist Art, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Curator: Anastasia Patsey

© Agathe Simon

The Crime & Crime exhibition was born ouf of the encounter between Agathe Simon and Russian dropout Igor K. in 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Both of them are passionnate about Dostoevsky’s Crime & Punishment. Agathe Simon followed Igor K. (known as ‘The New Raskolnikov’ in the Hay Square district) during several weeks, in order to document his activities thanks to various media and technics: photographs, notes, sound installation and videos.

With the novel’s 150th anniversary approaching, their collaboration is a paradoxical tribute to Dostoevsky. This installation is part of the Crime & Crime multimedia cycle, created as a tribute to the novel Crime & Punishment.