Day 2 | Living Freedom, Now
(Paris, 26.11.2017)

Collective Experience | The Group

Streets and cafés of Paris

© Agathe Simon
Photograph: Noémie Bourdin Habert

« Day 2 » consists of collective experiences in the streets of Paris performed by The Group. Created by Agathe Simon, these experiences question the limits between visible and invisible, group and individual, action and non-action. They are inspired by situationist drifts, anthropologist Edward T. Hall and are drawn from certain collective streams found in the animal world.

How to live freedom now? By subtly subverting everyday situations, these experiences provide an opportunity to reinvent the connection with the self and the others within the public space: “Walking in Paris as a Unique Person”, “Simply Breathing”, “Observing, Noting, and Restoring to Passers-by”.