Tribute to Gabriela Conti

29 February 2020
Collective performance with Paul Ardenne, Jean Guizerix, Hervé Le Corre, Irène Omelianenko, as well as Cecilia Conti, Marine Behar and the duo Cabeceo (Marie-Anne Faupin & Anne Mazeau)

Poetry Center | Paris, France

Artistic creation, direction, editing: Agathe Simon
Image & sound: Michel Monsay, Lenny Szpira
Light and sound management: Lenny Szpira, Rachel Dufly

Photographer: Frédéric Petit

Acknowledgements: Fabrice Orgogozo, Olivier Chaudenson, Michelle Aslanides, Barbara Becquiot, Nathalie Noé Adam, Anne Rannou

© Agathe Simon

To watch the entire tribute evening,
please reach us for credential.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of her death and the publication of her posthumous novel, this evening was organized at the Paris’ Poetry Center in homage to the Franco-Argentine novelist and explorer Gabriela Conti (1974-2010). Through her adventurous life and radical work, Gabriela Conti powerfully embodied the themes of freedom and exile, creation and hedonism, until her death at the South Pole in 2010.

This tribute evening included testimonies and analyses by Paul Ardenne (art historian and curator), Jean Guizerix (choreographer and star dancer at the Paris Opera), Hervé Le Corre (Professor of Latin American litterature at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University), Irène Omelianenko (sound documentarist and honorary president of Addor), and Agathe Simon.

It also included the creation of Polar Glow, a choreography written and carried out by Jean Guizerix; the creation of Gabriela, a composition for bandoneon and piano by Marie-Anne Faupin, performed by the duo Cabeceo; a videoconference from Buenos Aires with Gabriela Conti’s sister; readings by the actress Marine Béhar, as well as film extracts, photographs, sound archives, and the signing of Gabriela Conti’s posthumous novel, Vivre.