95 % of Unknown (Day 10)

28 June 2019
Immersive Art Event

© Agathe Simon

In order to celebrate the 50 years of the first steps on the Moon, the art company The Group proposes the immersive art event « 95% of Unknown » (Day 10): an art project by Agathe Simon with actions, performances, sound, and a film premiere. Astrophysicists state that the universe is made of 95% of unknown. The Group considers that human beings are also made of 95% of unknown and offers to explore them, thanks to an artistic team made up (with no prerequisite) of people aged 9 to 84.

This immersive art event will include the premiere of Day 9, a film dedicated to the unknown and shot by The Group throughout the world following a protocol by Agathe Simon. It will also include Day 8, a sound installation realized by the art company in March 2019.

Artistic Team: Mireya Allehaux-Villano, Barbara Becquiot, Rhonda Boaglio, Janine Brimbal, Elisabeth Châtelain, Nathalie Claude, Fabio Costa, Valérie Defontaine, Clémence Dejean, Anne-Claire Demoures, Lucile Faivre, Pete Finlayson, Odile Fondet, Véronique Gauthier, Giuseppe Gavazza, Astrid Ginouvier-Chardard, Marc Giovaninetti, Erika Hernandez, Lou Inglebert, Thomas Ivernel, LNPELL, Mayou, Anne Mazeau, Isabelle Nebout, Irène Omélianenko, Amélie Perey, Arthur Prudent, Cannelle Querry, Anne Rannou, Agathe Simon, Patrice Vandoorselaere, Lucile Vernoois, Claudia Vilpoux,

And the special participation of: Anaël Ben Soussan, Christine Clémino-Laéglé, Félix Leprince,
Sauveur Loucatos, Mila, Deva Tantra, ainsi que la poule Quiqui.

Art Creation, scenography, film direction & editing: Agathe Simon
Production assistante: Eléonore Linais
Sound engineer: Alain Joubert
Photographers: Sébastien Lemaire (color), Frédéric Petit (black & white)
Camera-wo-men: Noémie Bourdin Habert, Michel Monsay, Monica Ross, David Smadja

We are henceforth living in a world where human presence conditions the terrestrial ecosystem, where the Moon has become a preparatory stage for missions to March (the next « giant leap » according to Nasa), and where, apart from seabed and galaxies more than 14 billion light years away, the « terra incognita » no longer exists.

In this world saturated by the human imprint (flood of images, mass data, and pollution), one of the last conquests is the conquest of our inner space which, despite our day-to-day practice of it, still remains unknown to us. The scope is to conquer our own hidden face and to become the Neil Armstrong of ourselves.

The art event « 95% of Unknown » is a human and immersive art experience. It offers an initiation process allowing the public and participants to rediscover their inner space as a new territory.