Performance & video-performance
HD | stereo | 17’30 | 2019

Artistic creation and film direction: Agathe Simon
Camera Operator: David Smadja, Elit’Drone
Sound engineer: Pascale Mons
Production: Anne Rannou & Étienne Roussel | The group production house

© Agathe Simon

To watch the full-length video-performance,
please reach us for credential.

To pay tribute to her ancestor Antoine Goubier (1604-1677), Agathe Simon organized a banquet in his honor at the Forez farm where this 17th-century ploughman once lived. For the occasion, she brought together inhabitants of the commune (Les Salles, Loire, France), as well as students and researchers from the Lahic laboratory (CNRS), CY Cergy Paris University, and the Paris Cergy National Graduate School of Art (ENSAPC). To celebrate his memory, each participant of the feast prepared a dish for Antoine Goubier.

With Soraya Abdou, Mathis Bergogne, Léa Da Silva, Félix Dirand, Julien Douçot, Leïa Guillaume, Esther Laurent-Baroux, Alexis Lavigne, Sinae Lee, Rudy Levassor, Manon Morin, Élise Paget, Léna Pochauvin, Delphine Teriifaatau, Carl Tixier, Benjamin Zaragoza, and their professors: Corinne Le Néün, Bertrand Maillot, Gérald Peloux, and anthropologist Véronique Moulinié. As well as Anne-Marie Allegra, Séverine Allegra, Susanne Allegra, Colin Charrié, Michel Chaux, Ciara, Thérèse Doussé, Marie Fatet, Jean-François Faye, GAGA427576, Dominique Lagarde, Marc Levistre, Pierrette Levistre, Marie-Françoise, Christiane Martin, Élisa Martin, François Martin, Jean Martin, Antoine Martin-Thollot, Claire Martin-Thollot, Marie Maucci, Bernard Mazaud, Denise Mazaud, Jean Patet, Paul, Henry Peurière, Raymonde Peurière, Frédéric Plan, Madeleine Poulat, Marie-Claire Rigout, Gilbert Roue, Marinette Roue, Christiane Salanon, Jean Salanon, Danielle Saunier-Peurière, Geneviève Saunier-Peurière, Marie-Thérèse Thollot.


Bertrand Maillot and the Geosciences and Environment Laboratory Cergy (GEC) of CY Cergy Paris University, François Germinet, Isabelle Prat and the University of Paris-Seine, Diana Burgos-Vigna, Caroline Chantegreil, Pauline Guerreiro and the Cultural Department of CY Cergy Paris University, the Student Life Department of CY Paris Cergy University, CY LEI (International Languages and Studies), the CNRS Lahic laboratory, Antoine Idier and the Paris Cergy National Graduate School of Art, the Martin family, Fabrice Orgogozo, Barbara Becquiot, Anne Mazeau, Viviane Monel-Villa, Wei Chiang Chen, Callista Noël, Mr. and Mrs. Thollot, Jean-Hervé Peurière and the entire village of Les Salles, with a special mention to Michel Chaux, Maxime Ossedat, and the Festivals committee of Les Salles, Sandy Goutorbe, Martin Lassarat, Karen Faye, Sébastien Dauphant, Élodie Faye and Amélie Bartholin, Jean-François Faye, and Kevin Leguay.